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Special Health Care Needs Dentistry

Many children with special health care needs have a lot of sensitivity associated with the oral cavity. Dental care is often challenging for parents and oral pathology is often common due to sensory issue challenges, limited diets and anatomical/developmental differences.  Because of these challenges, it is so important for parents to find a pediatric dentist that is skilled in working with children with special needs. A great pediatric dentist will become a therapeutic partner, so finding a dentist that listens and offers helpful resources is important to the long-term health of children with special needs challenges. 

Boy Playing with Blocks

Come visit us!

In many cases, it’s helpful to start out with a special playtime visit for your children so they can come in to the office and get used to the atmosphere. Kids and their families can stay and play and parents are welcome to try these playtime visits multiple times to work on getting kids comfortable. Our doors are always open! 

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